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The Irish Origins of John Duns Scotus, the ‘Subtle Doctor’

Chapter 7 of the In Defence of Conspiracy Theories book, see below, Russia in the crosshairs: NATO's next target?, written c.2006.

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Orwellian Ireland

23.35 euro, 398 pages, 135,947 words, 9780955681202

Inspired by the book Stasiland, this work is an attempt to see if some of the state practices that flourished in Communist Eastern Europe might be replicated in modern Ireland. It goes into the question of intelligence agencies, what agencies are active in Ireland, how they harass dissidents, their use of modern technology and their role in secretly supporting paramilitary groups in Ireland and around the world. It includes a lot of first hand testimony of state harassment, and even torture, which is on a par with what happened in countries like East Germany. Finally it concludes with some searching questions about the real government policies being pursued in Ireland.

Shakespeare was Irish!

17.54 euro, 255 pages, 99,094 words, 9780955681219

As more and more scholars come to realise that the accepted story of William Shakespeare is untenable, this book tries to unmask the covert Irish influence on his work and the remarkable career of William Nugent, the only Irish candidate ever put forward for Shakespeare. It includes the full text of many original documents on Irish history, from the Reformation to the 1641 Rebellion.
"That in these lines I could as well express,
As in my soul I do admire her beauty,
Or that great Daniel, fit for such a task,
This wonder of our Isle, had seen, and heeded,
Then should his glorious muse, her worth unmask, 
And he himself, himself should have exceeded;
Then England, France, Spain, Greece and Italy,
And all that th'Ocean from our shores divideth,
Would over-run their bounds, and hither fly,
To find the treasure, that our Ireland hideth,
But best is, that we never do disclose it, 
Since known but of ourselves, we shall not lose it."
 - Richard Nugent "Cynthia" (London, 1604)
See here a new video on the subject: .

In Defence of Conspiracy Theories: with examples from Irish and International History and Politics

19.82 euro, 382 pages, 150,943 words, 9780955681226

This book is an attempt to address the widespread criticism of 'conspiracy theories', raising issues like: the control and negligence of the main organs of the media and police which make it difficult for true information to reach the public (and hence the public remain in ignorance of - and dismiss as a 'conspiracy theory' - the true facts); and the public's habit of underestimating the complexity of modern day politics. A number of complex political plots and allegations are described in detail including: the 1641 Rebellion, British Intelligence manipulation of the 1919-21 Irish leaders, Secret Societies and the role of Occult organisations in Ireland and around the world, the allegations that Martin McGuinness is a British agent, and the motivation behind large scale immigration into Ireland. The author also addresses the question of value systems in modern Western societies and asks are even these being manipulated in order to assist the process of political control.

An Creideamh

34.14 euro, 699 pages, 318,195 words, 9780955681233

This book seeks to illustrate the type of literature that shaped and influenced the Irish people's faith over the centuries. It is intended as a cornucopia of Catholic writing, a skirl around the kind of books and journals that graced Irish priest's libraries over the years. Outlined in chronological order it gives the full text of the Confession of St. Patrick, the Life of St. Columbanus, an ancient Irish tract on the mass; extracts from the Confessions of St. Augustine, the Irish Annals, and the fiction of Canon Sheehan; some theology from St. Thomas Aquinas, from 'A Handbook of Moral Theology', and the doctrine of Purgatory from an old Maynooth theologian; historical or contemporary accounts from all centuries, all the way from Tertullian, through Lough Derg in the 15th century, the Cromwellian Wars of the 17th century, to the social and economic teachings of the Church in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Irish invented chess

12.24 euro, 179 pages, 56,734 words, 9780955681264

For over three centuries a controversy has raged as to the exact origins of 'fidchell' - in modern Irish 'ficheall' - or Irish chess, a game played in Ireland from biblical times. This book argues that that game of fidchell, or brannaimh, was recognisably our modern chess. It also raises disturbing questions about the real history surrounding the Lewis Chess find.

Sli na Firinne

21.55 euro, 341 pages, 100,158 words, 9780955681288

This English language book puts the traditional Catholic proofs of God's existence into a modern context. It covers most of the arguments raging in the theism v atheism debate and also includes quotes on the nature of God and his existence from c.80 philosophers and scientists.

The Toronto Protocol

4.23 euro, 33 pages, 8,715 words, 9781471070020

This short but explosive text was first leaked by Serge Monast in Canada in 1995. It is reported to be the plan of an elite group who are manipulating the general public and governments across the world to bring about their long term goal of a world government. They cover in this document a wide variety of areas, including world food supplies and pollution, the question of parental rights as opposed to state rights over children, earthquake weapons, the overall media and economic climate which was planned to be favourable in order to lure into complacency the general public, etc etc. Could it be for real? You decide!

A Guide to the 18th Century Land Records in the Irish Registry of Deeds

24.20 euro, 537 pages, 191,380 words, 9780955681295

The Registry of Deeds in Dublin contains a vast repository of summaries of Irish land transactions for the 18th century. This collection is particularly important, to genealogists among others, because of the destruction of other historical records in Ireland for the same period, especially since the Four Courts fire of 1922. In this guide you will find a description of the records held there, an explanation of the different Irish land and currency units used, and a wide ranging discussion of Irish land transactions and registries of the period and somewhat later. This includes the influence of the Penal Laws, the nature of Irish marriage settlements and the economic climate and prices prevailing in Ireland in that century. Chapter 8 consists of a detailed case study that traces the history of an Irish family, the Nugent branch of Ballina Co. Meath, in order to illustrate the value of the information in the Registry of Deeds.


27.96 euro, 384 pages, 125,423 words, 9780244188993

In the summer of 2014, and later again in spring 2017, a scandal arose in relation to the Tuam Children's Home in Galway in Ireland. It was alleged that the nuns who looked after children there from 1925-61 had maltreated them. This third edition book casts a critical eye on the local history methodology underpinning the scandal. It examines in detail: the mapping of the burial sites; the statistical traps overlooked; the widely misinterpreted 2017 statement of the Mother and Baby Commission; the Oral History of the Home; and the vexed questions of money and food. Extensive appendices also expand on the recorded history of the Home, the personnel employed there, three detailed eyewitness accounts, a comprehensive history of the Tuam workhouse, and a detailed analysis of the 2019 government report on the Home. It also contains a valuable foreword by Fr Paul Churchill.
[The preview points to the second edition on google books, but the purchase points to the more recent third edition. For some reason google books cannot be changed to correct this.]

Here is an important lecture/discussion/riot on the subject, with contributions by Catherine Corless et al: .

Marian Apparitions in Ireland and related phenomena

25.00 euro, 507 pages, 139,494 words, 9781326139926

This book seeks to describe and map the numerous Marian apparition sites around Ireland from the late 19th to the end of the 20th century. Beginning with an introduction on modern private revelation, by Peter Bannister, it includes chapters on Louise Lateau, Knock, Mount Melleray Grotto, Ballinspittle, Inchigeelagh, Denis O'Leary, Padraig Caughey and much more.

The Irish 2018 Abortion Referendum

16.97 euro, 172 pages, 48,701 words, 9780244762582

The much loved 8th amendment of the Irish constitution was repealed on the 25th of May 2018, allowing the passage of one of the most liberal abortion laws in Europe in a traditionally pro-life country. This book seeks to answer the conundrum of why this happened, in particular why there was such a large Yes vote overturning decades of pro-life activism in the country. It centres on the questions of media bias, feminism, anticlericalism, and the subtle but serious political effects of the rise of atheism in modern Ireland.

Communism is the Virus

7.98 euro, 53 pages, 15,125 words, 9781716653629

In 2020 the world has changed beyond all recognition. In changes that are stated to be in response to the spread of a new strain of Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 giving rise to the disease Covid-19, all across the world a 'new normal' has arisen which used to be characteristic of a Communist state. In this book the author looks at the statistics to see if the virulence of the disease justifies this reaction, examines the reasons behind the stated high death rates in nursing homes, compares the new policies introduced with traditional Communist policies and briefly replies to some objections to this thesis.

Stair na hÉireann in silico

18.62 euro, 141 pages, 26,650 words, 9781471777141

This is a guide to the sources of Irish history. It explains what records survive from ancient and Gaelic Ireland, from the Medieval and Early Modern period, as well as the 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, and found now in publicly available pdfs. It is lavishly illustrated with pages from these books, and short descriptions of the records contained therein. This book specifically serves as a companion book to an accompanying sdcard with 5,000 pdf books of interest to Irish historians. The sdcard is not included here, see ebay to purchase the card for €50.